Word-Sound-Power is an event celebrating the history of sound system Culture. The event will be a Block party held around 56 brewing in northeast Minneapolis. The event will have a main stage and multiple sound system stages. Food trucks, live artist, Arts and crafts vending, and amazing craft beer. The event hours 11:30am - 10:00 pm, all ages with children under 12 free. Mykal Rose (🇯🇲) + Subatomic Soundsystem (🇺🇸) CHALI 2NA & Cut Chemist Turbulence (🇯🇲) The Scientist (🇯🇲)+ Johnny Osborn (🇯🇲) & Junior Dread (🇧🇷) DJ SOUL SLINGER(🇧🇷NYC) Up Bustle & Out (🇬🇧Bristol) Joe Nice ( 🇺🇸MD) DJ Madd(MI🇺🇸) Lost City (🇺🇸LA) Surya Dub W/ Maneesh the Twister & Kush Arora(🇺🇸SF) EDICA+ (🇬🇾) Tribe Steppaz (🇬🇧London) Distinct Motive (🇨🇦) Reggae Rajahs featuring Diggy Dang & General Zooz (🇮🇳) Green Lion Crew ( 🇺🇸Maine) Sgt. Remo (🇺🇸🇲🇽) McPullish (🇺🇸TX) Soulfyia (🇺🇸TX) Kelly Dean (🇺🇸LA) Red Peak Sound (🇺🇸CO) PRINCE JABBA & THE HI GRADE (🇺🇸MPLS) Prizefighters (🇺🇸MPLS) Necromancer(🇺🇸MPLS) Culminate Takeover w/Buxaplenty, Kandor, MORTL Bhump Takeover w/Verum, Wndow, Eylxr, Blighten, Hith Low & High Takeover w/ mixedmind,Badman, Trip B aиtithesis (🇺🇸MPLS) Jen Symmetry & Nick Merchant (B2B/ MPLS) Nick Twist (🇺🇸MPLS) Ray Azucar (Uruguay/US) Truth Maze (🇺🇸MPLS) Moonlit Mushroom (🇺🇸MPLS) Arion Lee (🇺🇸MPLS) MC Hyde (🇺🇸MPLS) DJ I Roach (🇺🇸MPLS) Head Inna Bin takeover W/Batty Tesla, Beargod, Jeeves, & Lazyrobot

Sound provided by Head Inna Bin (MPLS) Pomegranate Sounds (Denver) Headway hiFi ( Madison) Champion Sound (MPLS) Dem Deya sound System (Denver) Live Painting, vending, food trucks, & Vibes