A Musical Knockout In 3 Rounds!

7-inch vinyl series
(2013, Prizefighter Sound System)

Round 1: SKA (“One Thousand Words” vs. “Lost At Sea”)
One Thousand Words label

Round 2: ROCKSTEADY (“No Use Crying” vs. “Night Breeze”)
No Use Crying label

Round 3: REGGAE (“Cold Shoulder” vs. “Sukeban”)
Cold Shoulder label

This record series highlights brand-new recordings from The Prizefighters, released on the format most appropriately suited for vintage Jamaican music; 45rpm vinyl. In addition to the vintage production style and soul put into every tune, each of the three records features unique label art designed with a 60s Jamaican aesthetic, released on the band’s own Prizefighter Sound System label. This is the real deal, folks, and The Prizefighters have pulled out all the stops to deliver an authentic listening experience to fans of vintage Jamaican muzik the whole world over.



Follow My Sound Special Edition LP 

(2011, Jump Up Records/Prizefighter Sound System)

LP Cover final

Side A
Follow My Sound
Before Tonight
There’ll Be A Day

Side B
Take More Time
Ghost In The Night
Truth And Lies
Fibbers Dub

Minneapolis ska, rock steady, early reggae band (with SOUL!) finally gets their vinyl debut from JUMP UP!  This SPECIAL EDITION has some different tracks than the CD, including alternative mixes and versions, instrumentals, and a dub from Anthony of THE DRASTICS.  LIMITED EDITION of 500 copies, pressed on thick BLACK WAX and the just arrived DARK BLUE WAX (witch black specs)



Follow My Sound

CD (2010, Prizefighter Sound System)

1. Intro
2. Outisde My Window
3. Hypocrite
4. Truth and Lies
5. Storms
6. Before Tonight
7. Follow My Sound
8. Karma
9. Brujeria
10. Take Some Time
11. There’ll Be A Day

Recorded and Mixed by Andrew Zoellner and the Prizefighters at Shock and Audio, Minneapolis, MN.  Produced by Aaron Porter and the Prizefighters.  Mastered by King Django at Version City Studio, New Brunswick, NJ.

“Follow My Sound” is the debut full-length release from THE PRIZEFIGHTERS, who’ve been at the top of the Minnesota ska scene, playing their brand of soul infused ska and skinhead / early reggae.  A 6-piece band featuring saxophone, trombone, and organ supplementing the guitars and drums, THE PRIZEFIGHTERS are truly one of the up-and-comers on the US scene. A band that combines heavy soul with real 60s Jamaican ska and early reggae, a must for fans of DEAL’S GONE BAD, AGGROLITES, THE SLACKERS, MOON INVADERS or THE SOULSTEPPERS.



Hear what the critics have to say about the album!

  • “The more I’ve listened to this album I have grown to really enjoy it. The band has a funky groove that makes for some good time music…(Follow My Sound) is a solid album, full of gruff, yet catchy dirty reggae, and ska tunes.” ~ Andrew Barker of Musical Occupation (read full review)
  • “I highly recommend this album. The Prizefighters kept their fans waiting for a long time before coming out with the first full-length release, but the wait is worth it!” ~ David Throgmartin of Dthrog Ska Review (read full review)
  • “The band blends a tried-and-true mix of rocksteady, soul, and R&B. That staccato guitar and bouncing organ may not be breaking new ground, but it’s still infectious.” ~ The Onion AV Club (read full review)
  • “(Follow My Sound) is stylistically somewhere between Madness, Intensified, and Hepcat.  What you have here is an honest-made ska sound, straight from the heart, from Ska to Reggae and back!” ~ Rocking Steady! E-zine (read full review)

7 Responses to “Releases”

  1. Five Inch Monkey says:

    Hey guys! Planning on releasing this to vinyl? If so, what’s the ETA?

  2. Courtney says:

    We are releasing our special edition vinyl on Jump Up Records, including bonus tracks, versions and dubs! We are currently mixing the bonus tracks, look for it in the Fall.

  3. theprizefighters says:

    LP version of “Follow My Sound” drops October 21st, 2011!

  4. "T" Sveine says:

    I saw these guys play in New Ulmn, MN this summer (2012)and bought their “Follow My Sound” album and it was great!
    Having been to Jamaica four times, I have always enjoyed reggae music. However, back in Jamaica as recent as 2011, I see the music has changed much, too often with hip-hop and techno beats that take away from what I first enjoyed. It was refreshing to catch the 1960-’70s ska and rock-steady style music that The Prizefighters have captured magnificently and I look forward to seeing them live and buying more recordings. Come back to New Ulm – we need you!

  5. Courtney says:

    Dear T: thanks for the kind words! We will be back in New Ulm in December. See you there!

  6. D-Dub says:

    Any chance y’all will be making it down south anytime soon? (Atlanta specifically)

  7. Eric W. says:

    Not in the near future, sorry! We hope to make it a reality some day–

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